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The new city of Baharestan is located in the developed and developed district of Isfahan province, and is located at the convenient access point of the province’s main axes, 15 km south of Isfahan, east of Isfahan highway, Shiraz. The city’s land is widespread in the form of a narrow bar with a width of about 3 km west-east. The land of Baharestan with a height of 1570 meters above sea level is a narrow strip with a width of about 3 kilometers west-east, its slope is low and south to north.

In the natural surroundings of the city, the historical castle and the garden of Baharestan, the name of Baharestan is inspired. On the southern side there is a low-altitude mountain range like the wall that follows the mountains of the Ghazi hat and the low-altitude and beautiful mountain range of Miankouh, and the city’s land is on the slopes. On the north side of the lush green field is the east of Isfahan, where the Zayandeh-e-Rud river is wrapped in its rocks, and it is very close to the land of Baharestan.

The city is estimated at 3000 hectares, with 62,000 residential units and 32,000 inhabitants, and the possibility of an increase in population of up to 500,000 people is projected.

Here is an exception; a new city with many attractions

Recreational Welfare Collections of Paradise: In the southern margin of Behesht boulevard and in the slopes of the Ghazi hill mountains, an area of ​​approximately 240 hectares including parks, forests, sports grounds, and various recreational welfare sets is considered. Since 1990, 60 hectares of forests and 60-hectare green space have been created in the area, and in the following years, the olive lake, Eram Park, mountain park and other parts of these services are being developed and in operation. This green belt, despite the lush meadows of northern Baharestan, has, in addition to its important role in the beauty of the city, has brought clean air to Baharestan.

Olive Lake: The artificial olive oil of olive was established in 2000 in the southern mountains by the company Baharestan Omran. The simplicity and pleasant environment surrounding this artificial lake, in addition to giving it a natural and beautiful appearance. The small position of this lake on the slopes of the mountains, the beautiful green spaces, suitable urban furniture and the presence of sports equipment and equipment for children, shops, service centers and other desirable facilities have encouraged the citizenry to enjoy this environment, as in the seasons Different years, the people of Isfahan and other parts of the province also visit the Baharestan olive lake.

Parks, gardens and beautiful green space: 60 hectares of paradise forest, mountainous arbores in the range of the Lashter Mountains, Eram Garden, Pardus Park, Golestan Grand Park, and the parks of the city centers and the streets of the surrounding area provide an attractive and relaxing environment. slow. In the city’s neighborhoods, besides the green space of the neighborhood center, there are many beautiful gardens in neighborhoods, where the gardens are maintained by citizens living in the same neighborhood (neighborhood center).

Gardens and agricultural lands of the city: the special geographical location of Baharestan and its proximity to the fertile and green Zayandehrood plain, has turned the northern regions into a very prone area for agriculture. The presence of numerous gardens and farms in the vicinity of Baharestan has provided a beautiful landscape for the northern harbor of the city and plays a very important role in the city’s airspace.

The range of mountains and beautiful heights around the city: Miankouh altitudes, the mountain range of Ghazi hills and the Lashter altitudes, have, like the steady and gentle hands, have paved the plain of Baharestan from the south and east. These mountains, which are the sequence of the Zagros Mountains, have added to the beauty of the city as beautiful and natural walls. Along the western side of these heights, there is a natural climbing wall with a very spectacular landscape from Baharestan, which is available to climbers and professional rock climbers from all over Iran in different seasons.

Natural quarries: Among the unique attractions of this new city, the existence of numerous and very old aqueducts in the Baharestan lands, where some experts believe that one of the longest Iranian and world-class aqueducts passes through this area. slow. With the efforts of Imran Baharestan, some of these qanats have been restored and some others are being revived. The quality of the drinking water of some of these aqueducts is based on experiments performed very well and in the range of gustatory and healthy minerals. The particular attractiveness of this issue is especially attributable to foreign tourists because the people of Iran were the first people to use the abundance of aqueducts from the past to provide agricultural and drinking water in susceptible areas.

Wildlife Zone:

The National Park and the Ghazi Hailing Cave are about 50,000 hectares in the southeast of Baharestan. The Ghazi Mountain Range, which is located in the south of the area, has its name from two stone towers, each with a steep slope in the plain, and a hat-shaped hat of old judges. The judge’s helmet trophy is one of the The best wildlife habitats of Iran have been during the history of Safavid and Qajar era, as a promenade and hunting for the kings of Iran. In this region, 17 species of mammals including goats and pots, Iranian frankfurters, leopards, foxes …, 46 species of native and migratory birds such as Sargopa, Golden Eagle, Quebec, Tayho, Lunar, Chakavak … 11 GH. Creeping hawks, including turtles, horned snakes, snake snakes, gooseberries and … and two biologists have been identified.

Historic attractions:

The existence of historical monuments from the Safavid and Qajar dynasties will give Baharestan’s new city a lasting authenticity.

Baharestan Garden: Baharestan Garden or Hojjat Abad Garden is said to be four beautiful and lush green gardens, located almost in the center of Baharestan.